• Long Term Care Consulting Firm Offering Education, Training and Consultation


New Day Professionals Services

The mission of New Day Professionals started out to be “Making a Difference in the Lives of Care Givers and Residents” every day. As industry changes were made and OBRA (Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) came into effect, many homes throughout the nation were having surveys with negative outcomes and New Day was contacted to help the facilities correct their deficiencies and develop programs to assure they stayed in compliance with Professional and Regulatory Standards.

As a result of this, the Mission of New Day then became: “New Day Professionals is dedicated to providing quality education and consultation that promotes the highest well- being for the residents and staff of Long Term Care Facilities at an affordable cost.”

About New Day

New Day Professionals accomplishes this by offering services which may include but not limited to:

  • On-site or Off-site training/consultation
  • On –site quality reviews and recommendations for specific areas of focus
  • Assessments
  • Care plans including admission (48 hr.)and updating of car plans
  • Documentation
  • Wound care/prevention
  • Medication Administration
  • Pain assessment and monitoring/management
  • Housekeeping
  • Infection control
  • Clinical Treatment skills/procedures
  • Review/development of policies and procedures
  • Abuse prevention and reporting/handling of alleged abuse
  • MDS accuracy, completion, transmission time frames etc.
  • MDS Team practices
  • Facility environmental rounds
  • Social Services
  • Activities
  • Leadership (Director of Nursing, Charge Nurses Etc.)
  • Therapies
  • Restorative Care
  • Staff Development
  • Dietary
  • Nutritional assessment and care for nutritional needs
  • Dietary Menu reviews
  • Care of Dialysis Residents
  • Care or Residents with Respiratory conditions
  • Care of Residents with Rehabilitation needs
  • Advance Directives
  • Care of Residents on Hospice
  • Dealing with difficult residents and families
  • Behavioral and psychological needs of residents
  • Admission and Discharge practices
  • Drug Regiment Review
  • Storage and Care of medications – medication cart reviews and Medication Room reviews
  • Resident Satisfaction Reviews
  • Fall Prevention Practices
  • Dignity practices
  • Recognizing Residents as individuals

Skill Practice Reviews For:

  • Passive Range of Motion
  • Active Range of Motion
  • Turning and Repositioning
  • Transfer of Residents from one position to another
  • Bathing of Resident
  • Feeding of Resident
  • Weighing Resident
  • Conducting Dressing changes per Physician Orders
  • Applying Oxygen to Resident
  • Checking Oxygen saturation
  • Taking and recording Vital Signs
  • Tube Feeding administration
  • Urinary Catheter Administration and care of urinary catheter
  • Care of Colostomy
  • Care of Nephrostomy tubes
  • Administration of different types of insulin
  • Monitoring Diabetic residents