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Innovative Ways to Keep Your Staff Informed At the Best Possible Price!

1. Speak with New Day Professionals about having a consultant come to your facility to discuss, review, or teach any of the above topics or choose one another you would like.

2. Get with a group of other facilities in your area and discuss with New Day Professionals about having a speaker come and teach specific issues for the group on an agreed upon price.

3. Join the New Day Professional Education Alliance to get reduced prices for Seminars and consultation for your facility.

Join New Day Education Alliance for one-time $250.00 non-refundable membership fee.

A. After one-time membership fee is paid, annual fee will be based on facility size and number of Employees

B. Membership Facility Employees will receive 25% discount to all seminars Presented/sponsored by New Day Professionals.

C. Membership Facilities will receive 20% discount on all Consulting Services. (On-site and Off-site)


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