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Welcome to New Day Professionals

New Day Professional Services is a long-term care consulting firm that provides quality education and consulting services for long term care facilities nationally. The professional staff of New Day work together with facility staff to share knowledge, talent, and skills to achieve and exceed the expectations of internal and external customers.
The staff at New Day offers “hands on” instruction to help facility employees improve in whatever area is needed to facilities throughout SC. This instruction could be hands on working with Administrators, Directors of Nursing, Care Plan Coordinators, Charge Nurses, or Nursing Assistants to help them learn the roles and responsibilities of their jobs, or classes/seminars teaching large groups or small groups in the nursing facility or in a seminar setting,

Our Mission

New Day Professionals is dedicated to providing quality education and consultation that promotes the highest well- being for the residents and staff of Long Term Care Facilities at an affordable cost.

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New Day Professionals accomplishes this by offering services which may include but not limited to

  • On-site or Off-site training/consultation
  • On –site quality reviews and recommendations for specific areas of focus
  • Assessments
  • Care plans including admission (48 hr.)and updating of car plans
  • Pain assessment and monitoring/management
  • Clinical Treatment skills/procedures
  • Review/development of policies and procedures
  • Abuse prevention and reporting/handling of alleged abuse
  • MDS accuracy, completion, transmission time frames etc.
  • Facility environmental rounds
  • Social Services
  • Leadership (Director of Nursing, Charge Nurses Etc.)
  • Restorative Care
  • Staff Development
  • Nutritional assessment and care for nutritional needs

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Upcoming Seminars

Upcoming Seminars for Nursing Homes, CCRCs and/or Assisted Living Facilities.

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Are you interested in quality education that's affordable?

Discover how your facility can get siginificant discounts on these sevices by joining on of the New Day Member Alliances.

New Day Education Alliance (NDEA)

New Day Education Alliance (NDEA) purpose is to provide education, consuitation, and training to facilities for all disciplines at a cost affordable price and allow 20% Discount to all seminars sponsored by NDEA.

What is the Cost for Membership?

Initial Membership is $250.00 for Joining NDEA. This must be paid before any discounts may be taken for any seminars or together services offered by NDEA. This will be a one -time fee unless payments are missed and facility needs to rejoin.

Annual Fee is $500.00 which may be pain in the following way.

  • Annual Fee if paid at one time
  • Quarterly Fee will be $225.00 due September 10th, December 10th, March 10th, and June 10th of each year.
  • If quarterly fee not received by due date, $15.00 late fee will be charged.
  • No discounts will be honored for services for facilities not paid timely until account is brought up to date.

If you would like to become a member of NDEA, please complete the application and mail to:
New Day Professional Services
216 Shallow Brook Drive
Columbia SC 29223

38 years of Promoting Quality Care

New Day Professional Services is a Long Term Care Consulting firm that has been offering education,
training and consultation to local, state, and national facilities and organizations since 1982.