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About Us

About New Day Professionals

An Educational/Consultation firm that was founded in 1980, by Nancy C Day, RN originally in Greenville, South Carolina. Mrs. Day has served the Long Term Care Industry in positions as Staff Nurse, Director of Nursing, Administrator, Educator and Author since 1975.

Nancy had practiced Nursing in Long term facilities and hospital settings and taught direct care givers in a classroom setting for 5 years. She realized the need for teaching and motivating employees in the work place on many different areas was important, not only in correct skills application needed for the job, be but also management, organization, and knowledge of professional standards of care and regulatory regulations and expectations.

While supervising students in different clinical settings, she was often asked by facility leaders to teach classes as requested by employees on items such as Assessment, Care Planning, Being an effective Care giver, Effective communication with patients/residents, families, developing professionalism, to name a few.

After being approached by an Industry Leader who owned a small chain of Nursing Homes, Nancy was encouraged to start a company whereby she offered her assistance in teaching and motivating employees in Nursing Facilities throughout SC to improve their performance while caring for the people entrusted into their care. A small business was started, originally named Palmetto Staff Development (Later name changed to New Day Professional Services) and Nancy hired competent individuals who went to facilities throughout SC and offered “hands on” instruction to help facility employees improve in whatever area was needed.

This instruction could be hands on working with Administrators, Directors of Nursing, Care Plan Coordinators, Charge Nurses, or Nursing Assistants to help them learn the roles and responsibilities of their jobs, or classes/seminars teaching large groups or small groups in the nursing facility or in a seminar setting,

About New Day

Since 1980, New Day has employed

  • Administrators
  • Directors of Nursing
  • Staff Nurses
  • MDS Coordinators
  • Wound Specialists
  • Dietitians
  • Activity Directors
  • Medical Record Specialists
  • Previous Surveyors
  • College Clinical Professors
  • Physicians
  • Psychlogists

Whenever New Day Professionals needs more expertise with any area (Especially when new regulations are developed and passes final rules), research is done and specialist with regulatory agencies consulted for advice on proper implementation of practices.